5 Reasons to Go For 100 Gbps Servers

The evolution of Ethernet technologies has changed the server world considerably, and now we have a lot of user-friendly ways to improve Ethernet-driven environment. If you want to move from your 10 Gbps to a 100 Gbps juggernaut, and have an initial laying of Cat5e cable, you don’t need additional rewiring. You will be able to scale up and down pretty easily.

Loading time spares no one

Modern online purchasers hate waiting, and if a web-site is loading too slowly, more than a half of buyers will simply abandon it. 2 seconds of delay in page load time by increase abandonment rate by 87%! Studies performed by Akamai.com show that 47% of customers want a web page to load within 2 seconds, while 40% will close the site if it loads for more than 3 seconds, and almost half will tell their friends about unpleasant web experience. Besides, load time influences search engine rankings.

How to Buy a Server for Minecraft?

If you want to purchase a Minecraft server, you should seek for a server designed for one purpose - hosting web-sites. Now, you have the habit of running a java server application, and your hosting company may not have much experience of working with applications, and may need some instructions to customize and build such server. This article will help you to choose the right server and get maximum benefit from it without affecting your home connection.

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