How to select a good data-center for your online business?

Since business infrastructure is complex, and tends to change permanently, many organizations trust in data-centers that meet their IT demands. Indeed, data-center is more than just a facility that protects and powers servers. They provide businesses with various services and additional products that extend the current IT possibilities and make hosting even more beneficial. Thus, the choice of data-center is crucial, and a good data-center may help you to save money considerably.

How better connectivity may improve your business?

Developing companies have constantly rising demand for bandwidth and connectivity, and the ability to scale and expand their hosting solutions for further growth is critical. Thus, it is important to select a facility with multiple transit providers, because it will make up for optimal routing to your customers and end-users, and improve reliability for working with a bigger client base.

How your data is secured?

One more important aspect is security of data-center. Taking into account the number of modern threats, protection of data is mission-critical. While some users think that locking of servers in a closet is enough, there are many other ways for proper defense. Ensure that data-center provides 24/7 technical support and monitors physical security of servers around the clock. If you have a chance t visit a data-center, you will notice that some areas of facility are allowed to access by authorized personnel only. Knowing that your server is 24/7 controlled will help you to get rid of one major problem. If a provider does not have 24/7 support, this level of service is insufficient.

Will downtime influence your business?

Reliable network and security are good foundation for high-quality hosting, but if the service is off because of power outages, your reputation and organization may be seriously affected. Today, a lot of companies need both A + B power feeds to ensure redundancy and avoid downtime. Other services of data-center include on-site generators and batteries. When searching for a good data-center, don’t hesitate to request uptime statistics and information about power infrastructure.     

Make your plan of development

When you consider working with a provider, discuss with it which solution you need. Tell about your business, and let the team understand your aims and future goals. A professional consultant knows which questions to ask to figure out what will meet your demands best, and which product and configuration will open up the potential of your company. Pay particular attention to your future expectations and plan according to it. If you prepare for the future beforehand, you will save money and time in the long run.

Is the solution flexible?

Since your business is quickly developing, it will sooner or later need a shift, and you should find a data-center that is flexible and may offer customizable solutions. It is costly and inconvenient to use different environments for running a project. Data-center that offers collocations together with cloud storage and dedicated servers is the best choice for large-scale businesses. Such centers may accommodate solutions for clients, and provide backup and private clouds for development.