Loading time spares no one

Modern online purchasers hate waiting, and if a web-site is loading too slowly, more than a half of buyers will simply abandon it. 2 seconds of delay in page load time by increase abandonment rate by 87%! Studies performed by Akamai.com show that 47% of customers want a web page to load within 2 seconds, while 40% will close the site if it loads for more than 3 seconds, and almost half will tell their friends about unpleasant web experience. Besides, load time influences search engine rankings.

Today, loading time matters a lot. No matter how good your service or products are: if your web-site is too slow, customers will be faced down.

Problem with usual hosting

When it comes to traditional web hosting, your web-site is hosted on a dedicated server together with hundreds (if not thousands) of similar web-sites. It means that bandwidth, memory, CPU power and other resources are shared between users. Note that they are shared not equally – every gets their piece of pie, and these pieces may be too big. Media-heavy web-sites and projects that face traffic spikes may consume too much bandwidth and disk space leaving your web-site suffer from the lack of resources. That can make your customers wait too much and become angry with the level of service.

Reaching faster page loading staying on an overcrowded server means cutting on page content greatly. But when potential customer will see a poorly designed web-site with only a few pages and less information they won’t be fascinated and temped to make purchases. What can be done then?


Using a dedicated server you will have the entire disk space and bandwidth at your disposal. Web pages will be loaded instantly for your customers, and your web site won’t be impacted by anyone else’s projects. Leasing a dedicated server means always being able to provide customers with outstanding content, fast loading speed, and great experience. Although dedicated servers are more expensive than many other hosting plans, they provide enough space for development and allow dealing with any traffic spike. Fewer abandonment rates and higher conversions will definitely make your online business more successful.