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About Us

More than 10 years of work with dedicated servers make us a professional team who can help you to manage your Internet infrastructure globally.

Vadim Kolchev

Head of Sales + Support BU

Kari Guggenberger

Head of marketing

Vlasov Veaceslav

Head of Business Development

Our story


Our company appeared in 2006 positioning itself as a server provider. In the beginning, we bought several European servers in the best datacenter of Amsterdam and worked with friends. Right from the start we decided to offer premium Dell hardware only and work with Tier-1 providers.


In 2012, we bought tens of server racks in Europe and realized that our customers experienced dire necessity of a server in the USA, so we decided to order new servers there. We have selected the most advanced Tier-3 datacenter located on the East coast of the States.


Since 2015, we offer servers of SuperMicro brand. This is one of the most advanced and popular server equipment manufacturer around the globe. It produces world-class hardware that ensures reliability.


In 2016, we started selling servers on Russian Federation market. Our CIS clients are offered modern Dell servers with unlimited channels, a modern datacenter situated in Moscow, and connection to top-notch Tier-1 channel providers.